Arcádia’s chocolates are carefully thought out and confectioned.

Each one is unique and special.

Arcádia’s traditional assortment has maintained its original forms and flavours since the 1933 edition.

Each individual chocolate is crafted with care and each one hides some of Arcádia’s magic in its interior.

One of Arcádia’s best kept secrets is our choice of raw materials, a selection of premium ingredients and an artisanal, centenary method of production. Only by doing so can we ensure both visual coherence and our distinguishing flavour.

This is how Arcádia produces high quality premium chocolates which transmit part of its identity and are passed down from generation to generation.

Arcadia’s centenary history is a part of Porto’s history and relates to Portuguese identity, without losing the capacity to innovate or becoming old-fashioned.

Arcádia continues to bet on a continual renewal of its knowledge. Special editions are launched every year, putting our know-how to the test, and exploring new flavours.