Origins Tanzania Chocolate Bar (77% Cocoa) 90grs


Origins tanzania chocolate bar (77% cocoa) 90grs

High in Cocoa, the Tanzania Origins Chocolate bars promise an intense and fruity experience.

Weight: 90g

Ver Ingredientes / Valores Nutricionais


Dark couverture chocolate – minimum cocoa 77,5% (cocoa mass Tanzania, sugar, cocoa butter, natural vanilla powder). May contain traces of LACTOSE and NUTS.


Nutritional Values 100gr
Energia/ Energy — 2444Kj/584Kcal
Lípidos/Fat — 46.9g
dos quais saturados/ which are Saturated — 28,2g
Hidratos de carbono/ Carbohydrates — 25,1g
dos quais açúcares/ which are sugars — 21,6g
Fibra/Fibre — 13,0g
Proteínas/Protein — 8,1g
Sal/Salt — 0,02g


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